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SIZE Success Model of Personality

The SIZE Success Model of Personality is a new, integrative model of personality and communication. It is easy to understand and of immediate, practical use.

Anyone, who would like to know more about their strengths, abilities and talents and anyone who would like to get in contact with others and communicate their message more successfully: Leaders, managers, consultants, coaches, salespeople, will find it of great value.

The SIZE Success model differentiates six types of personality which you encounter daily: Sensitive, Analyst, Guardian, Creative, Active and Quiet.

These are recognisable through typical strengths, talents, needs, patterns of communication and stress.

The SIZE Success Model of personality is based on the scientific findings of Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne et al), classical developmental psychology and Bioenergetics (Alexander Lowen and Ron Kurtz).

SIZE Success has combined these ideas into an easy to understand, highly effective Model of Personality – compact and user oriented.

SIZE Success assists in recognising one’s own personality and that of other people quickly, so as to successfully establish rapport at an early stage.

SIZE Success increases the ability to communicate and motivate effectively increasing social competency by enabling you to successfully deal with different types of personality.

The Model has a holistic approach. Based on the best, practicable insights of different psychological schools, SIZE has created an insightful map of human patterns of behaviour and communication.

SIZE Success, however, does not limit itself only to the analysis of strengths and abilities. It gives immediate ideas and suggestions for personal development, offering practical options – which can be complemented and supported by the SIZE Personality Profile Analysis and analysis of potential.

The SIZE Success Model of Personality can be applied quickly and without prior (psychological) knowledge: it offers practical, fundamental psychological knowledge in all areas of application for anyone.

The Model is easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to put to practical use.

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