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SIZE Success Personality Profile

SIZE Success Personality Profiles grasp and describe the abilities, strengths, talents, parts of personality and patterns of behaviour of people, teams and organisations.

Therefore, the profile analysis offers a comprehensive instrument to Managers, Leaders, Coaches, Developers and Consultants and anyone who wants to find out more about their strengths, development potentials, (sub-conscious) behaviour-, success-, and stress-patterns.

SIZE Success Profiles are an asset when understanding and planning development initiatives. An easy to understand questionnaire collects personality characteristics. The interpretation is offered in the form of a comprehensive, clear Profile.

The Profile offers insights which can immediately be put into practise in business and private life. Consultants and Coaches receive a coaching sheet, corresponding to every profile, which offers further ideas on the development of the respondent’s potential and transfer into their daily lives. This is an additional benefit unique to SIZE Success.

The SIZE Success questionnaires are computer evaluated. In addition, each profile is validated by a SIZE Success specialist. This ensures that results are as reliable as possible.

Only licensed SIZE Success Coaches can request and work with SIZE Success questionnaires. They are qualified to discuss the results with the user in a coaching-session or development workshop.

SIZE Success Profiles are scientifically founded and build on established psychological concepts. This allows SIZE Success to look at personality, strengths and development options from a range of angles.

And: SIZE Success is fast – if required you can receive an evaluation within hours.  

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