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Understanding SIZE Success Model of Personality and Communication

Organisations are strange places! We engage in them to achieve results effectively for them and us, yet, so often instead of increasing our understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others, instead of satisfying our own needs, the needs of others and the organisation - we get stuck.

We get stuck, don’t know why or what to do about it and start to behave in strange ways. Our own strange ways invite the same in others and so, it becomes more and more difficult to build honest relationships with others – the very foundation for effectiveness at work.

The SIZE Success model of Personality and Communication is a powerful tool to shed light on and provide solutions for this. It increases your understanding of yourself and others in a way that allows you to stay energised and motivated, tolerant and balanced – so you and your colleagues have a real chance to stay focussed and give a competitive edge to your organisation.

This course offers you the SIZE Success model of Personality and Communication as a map towards your own personal awareness, your ability to come into contact with others, communicate effectively and increase your social competence. Your own personal goals and experiences form the core of the course – we intersperse theory and practical application to bring the model to life and make it relevant to you.

Core Topics

  • awareness of self and others

  • applying the Model of Personality in your daily interactions

  • establishing contact

  • ‘stuck’ and ‘un-stuck’ patterns of communication

  • ways out of ‘being stuck’

  • releasing energy and creativity

  • working on examples from your own areas of experience

As part of this course you will receive your own SIZE Success Profile which provides you with valuable insights towards your strengths, abilities, distribution of energy and patterns of stress and how to avoid that.

This programme forms the basis on which you can apply to become a SIZE Coach and Facilitator.


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